I welcome you on the official website of the Latvian  sworn advocate Arthur Мargevich!

A basic task of my advocate work is the decision of legal problems and questions in spheres of  the civil, criminal and administrative law.

" In the procedure prescribed by the Law  on the the following persons only can be advocates in Latvia:

1) sworn advocates;

2) assistants of sworn advocates;

3) citizens of the member states of the European Union who have acquired the qualification of an advocate in any of the member states of the European Union (hereinafter referred to as advocates of the European Union member states).

Foreign advocates, except advocates of the European Union member states, can practice in Latvia according to international agreements on legal assistance, binding to Republic of Latvia.

(in the wording of law of 27.05.2004)

5. Advocates are persons who belong to the judicial system and handle cases before any court or preliminary investigation establishment of Republic of Latvia upon being commissioned and chosen of the parties, the accused or other participants in the case (clients). In cases provided by law, advocates may be assigned by chief judges, the chairpersons of preliminary investigation establishments or the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates. Advocates shall also provide other legal assistance in accordance with the procedure provided by law.

(in the wording of law of 19.02.2004)

6. In their professional activities advocates shall be independent and shall only be subject to law.

State and local government institutions, courts, prosecutors and preliminary investigation establishments shall guarantee the independence of advocates. It shall be prohibited:

1) to interfere in the professional activities of advocates, to influence them;

2) to request from advocates information and explanations, as well as to interrogate them as witnesses on facts which have become known to them in providing legal assistance;

3) to control correspondence and documents which advocates receive through post or telegraph, or which they draw up when providing legal assistance, as well as to examine or confiscate or to conduct a search in order to find and confiscate the abovementioned correspondence and documents;

4) to control, also by applying the procedures referred to in Paragraph 3 of this Article, information systems and means of communication, including electronic means of communication used by advocates in providing legal assistance, and to take information from these systems or to interfere with the operations thereof;

5) to request information from clients on the legal assistance provided by advocates and the contents thereof;

6) to subject advocates to any sanctions or threats in connection with the provision of legal assistance to clients in accordance with law; and

7) to hold advocates accountable for written or verbal announcements, which they make while honestly fulfilling their professional duties.

An unlawful action of an advocate in the interests of a client as well as activity, promoting client’s unlegal offence is not acknowledged as a provision of legal assistance.

(in the wording of law of 29.01.1998, valid from 19.02.1998)

7. In fulfilling their professional duties advocates shall not be identified with their clients or their clients' cases.

8. Clients are entitled to freely choose an advocate in order to defend or represent their interests, as well as to meet the advocate without any restrictions or disturbances. All detained, arrested, imprisoned or convicted persons shall be provided with the possibility, time period and resources to, without delay, interference or censorship and upon complete confidentiality, meet privately with or contact an advocate in order to receive legal assistance.

9. All persons shall be provided with equal rights to legal assistance. Physical persons shall be provided with legal assistance irrespective of their citizenship, origin, social, financial, official or other status, race, nationality, language, sex, education, religious, political or other views, party affiliation, type of occupation, character and place of residence."


Riga, Latvia